About Becca

Hi there, I'm Becca.  I'm a 20-something amateur baker who is originally from Kent, England but came up to Scotland for university in 2007, met my husband and never really left.  Now I live with him and two cats in a little flat in Fife.  Though I initially trained in programming I decided it wasn't really for me and have since retrained as a primary school teacher.  I became fully qualified in July 2015 and now work full-time.
I suffer from anxiety and baking is my way of relaxing (most of the time, providing things don't go too wrong).  I have always been a bit of a casual baker since I was little: cupcakes were my forte.  However, I really got into it when I was figuring out what to do with myself after the whole programming thing didn't work out. Since people enjoyed my baking I decided that I would experiment more and more and keep a blog about what I made.  Activity here can be a bit dependent on what's going on in my life (hence a considerable drop in 2015) but I still bake when I can and am determined to improve.  My blog is something I am very proud of.  I love to test out, modify and create recipes and I really like sharing my experiences with those who like to read them.  

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